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Upgrade the security of your home

Is your home insurance proof?

Most insurance companies now ask that you upgrade the security of your home to qualify for home insurance. Did you know you must have kite marked locks on the front and back doors to qualify for a valid claim?

Security alarm installation - Hereford, Herefordshire - Lockfast

Burglar alarm installation

A security alarm installation is a great way to deter intruders from your home. If a prospective burglar can see your home is fitted with an intruder alarm, they probably won't even bother.

Ask us for a free quotation regarding the installation of a burglar alarm for home or business.

Front and back door installation

Did you know your doors are the first place most burglars will attempt entry? If they can't get in there, they'll try the windows or the garage door instead. That is why reliable window and door locks are vital to the security of your home.

As specialists in uPVC, wood and aluminium doors, we can supply and fit a new, secure door. As expert locksmiths, we'll obviously include a sound and secure lock too!

Pickbuster: the latest in crime prevention technology

Burglary rates continue to soar across the UK, and your home is a prime target for thieves. Lock bumping is the latest technique being used up and down the country, with 'lock bumping keys' readily available on the internet.

We can protect your home using a new product called Pickbuster, a special formula that renders bumping keys useless. Visit the official Pickbuster website to find out more.

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